20 March 2013


i guess i could say i'm stopping everything from now. :) social networking. may be just leave FB around? haha.. i'm tired. i'm depressed. i'm worried about my future. i'm worried about everything.

for now.. Good bye bloggie.

i will miss you.


11 January 2013


oh my god............... 


anyways... besides the minor outbreak... pierced my ears.. like left 1 and right 2. :D


01 January 2013


Year 2013. I'm only hoping for the best of everything no matter what happens in this year.

Hoping to get my degree and then fai fai go work in new environment! :) Cheers guys.

Resolution :
1. Get fitter and obviously better looking body and face!
2. Get my degree!
3. Better job. (which will happen at 2015? i think. XD )
4. Meet more gay people. (I say it like it's so rare to meet them... but there are times when shits happen.. You lost confidence in it. )
5. Be fabulous~ XD

:P anyway... it's just for the fun sake. :)

i'm only hoping for one thing and one thing only... Be safe all year round. :)

11 June 2012


voila~ Part 2 of me.

so... this part of me... being kiddy. ~.~
haha.. i guess this is a special thing about me. everyone thinks that i'm kiddy. well.. i'm practically kiddy in every single way. just not appearance. o.o" lol. my actions would be very kiddy and people don't take me seriously.

i felt being kiddy is being who i am.. ;) haha.. i still love to do what kids love. eat what they like.. :)

forever young eh??

he always says that i'm so kiddy that he have to take care of me all the time... every single little thing.. soo it has came to a habit where i pretty much tells him where im going and who im going out with... every time. lol.

oh well... :) i love me and i love being kiddy. ^^

09 June 2012

So... this is me..

Well.. the title says it all.. :) i mean.. not really all but.. haha.. it's more like a post about myself..

i over think stuffs. whenever people tell me things... normally people would have only thought of only B but as for me, i would have gone to C or D or even Z as a matter of fact. i guess it's just in my nature to do that. ha! it wasn't intentionally that i must do that but i guess i been doing that since like forever? lol.

it gets worst if it's the person i like. and that's how the previous post comes in. he said something, i over think until a gazillion steps. maybe not a gazillion but you know what i mean. :) this causes me to be extremely fussy and very not trusting of the person although my heart is like so extremely love him. i don't get what my mind is trying to do to me. everytime it's like that. i need to change this side of me. @@" :(

it's causing me to have depression.. T.T caring less what he is doing is not a way.. caring more is even worst. caring mutually doesn't work at all because i would eventually go more than that. hmmm... so how?? i wished there's something like a potion or whatever stuff that can make me care according to the situation. :( -sigh-

part 1 of me. :P there won't be many parts. :) haha..